"Here's To The Present!" By Zammy

Onedrop/Zammy presents: Here’s To The Present.

Full on new 1a video featuring Zammy (me) using a green Code2. Wanted to finally do a sequal from the past “Here’s To…” videos. Ironically each one I’ve done I’ve repped a different company so it was about time to do one for Onedrop.

The tricks seen here are leftovers either that were not put in the last video or stuff I’ve worked on for quite awhile. A neat bunch of stuff in here like tech combos, suicides, frontstyle stuff, slacks…its all in there.


I’d get a knot.

Can I just say amazing!

I just saw some incredible tricks live earlier.

But (No offense guys) you are the boss.

That was absolutely amazing. Period.

That was so good Zammy!! One of your best videos yet in my opinion!

Nah, this is definitely not my best work or it would be on every yoyo-related website out there.

But there is some good concepts I just had to share and make a video of the trees. They only last for about two to three weeks and all that pink disappears.


I agree.

On both accounts. (No offense)

Some of your stuff is mind blowing, like this, but others make you stare and stare and stare.

You sir, are very talented.