Strength and Honor by Zammy

-New 1a video

My gift for those that are going to worlds since I am not able to go unfortunately. I wish all those at Worlds luck. This is a very meaningful video so its quite different from my past work.

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That was AWESOME!

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Guess you are the only one that seen this on Expert. Real shame.
This is the best work I have been able to do and perhaps the best I ever will do.
Hope others see this.

Thank you!

I don’t know why others havent seen it yet. It was fantastic.

I saw it! I just wasn’t logged on at the time. Great job, Zammy! That was an amazing video. Your tricks are the type that are near impossible to duplicate when watching at regular speed. Well done.

Oh, and I feel you man. Nobody ever comments on my videos.

Really inspiring! Creative combos man!


Hey Zammy,

I’m always at a loss for words when you throw up a new vid. I saw it right away, then again, then again, and again and still find myself watching it over and over.

I think there are many others that do the same. It’s difficult to know what to say after having said so many things regarding your past vids. Sincerety can be hard to communicate and the same “awesome” every vid can lose it’s meaning if over used.

Just know, your contributions to the yo community have been appreciated by many but I don’t think more than by myself.

That was a great video! Now what side effects did you use for your code 1 and code 2 mashup?

I believe it was Code 1 for the Code 1 and ultralights for the Code 2

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code 1.5, he is using half of a Code2, and half of a Code1.

Zammy, with this vid you just blew to my number one favorite yoyoer. I have never seen something like this, i just. like skirtz said, at a loss for words.


Not a really big fan of tech (Unless it’s like, Yuuki or Jason Lee) but your is really something else. Those were some very interesting mounts and transitions. Very creative.

What I would like to see is you work on some sort of “Z~” mount, you know. Make up a new mount, figure out a few transitions between other established mounts (Wrist mount, Double or Nothing, 1.5, etc.) Post a few tutorials, maybe even a “~Z mount project”, and watch it blow up. I’m sure this is harder than I’m making it sound. But there’s not many people with raw technical and creative ability like you that could expand on the fundamentals of 1A like that.

Anyways. Good video.

That’s quality stuff!

Sorry I was late to comment, that WAS LEGIT!!! I love watching your shazam style of Overly Awesome Awesomeness.I had fun just watching it…Hope you can make it next year and make it worth watching that much more!

That was just amazing. Definantly one of the best, if not the best, yoyoing videos I have ever seen.

Great job Zammy.

I’m a little late to this, but wow. Lots of great stuff, Zam.

I got it on the Blog for you. :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to appreciate and watch this.

This video would of not happen if it wasn’t for you all.