photo comparism of DM,PGM,888

hi can anyone give me a photo or link comparing the DM,PGM,888
i want to see the size diameter and size difference between these yoyos thanks.

Ask and ye shall receive…

Will these do it?

hey doc, how big is your yoyo collection? also, how long have you been yoyoing?

My collection is huge.

And I’ve technically been playing since around '99, but I gave it up for a very long time. My bad. :wink:

How many YoYos is “Huge”?

Well, it’s not dryoyo huge, but I’d say around 40 in total. This changes with the wind, as I’m always buying new stuff and selling/trading old stuff. I have my personal collection that never changes, though. Favorites and such.

That’s pretty sweet. We should make a collections thread. It would be pretty interesting to see what yoyos other people have. It would also be a way that we can get a good idea of what they have if we want to BST. I only have a Kickside, PGm, M1, and Duncan Butterfly :smiley:

thanks very much for the photo but is the pgm and dm almost the same shape n size?

Almost, yes. The PGM is just a little bit more narrow.

Thank you DocRobot. This helped me see the dimensions for the Dark Magic.

No problem!

The DM is a lot bigger than folks think, I’ve noticed. Unless you started with one, chances are you’re used to things a lot closer in size to an 888.

The PGM and DM are two notable exceptions, and just feel great to throw.

It isn’t that big. Though I shouldn’t say because I don’t have one. I have a FAST. But I think I will like the size of it. Though, I might get the Speeder first.