My Yo-Yos [Updated Collection]


Here is my yo-yo colection:


Cool collection Yokid!

Happy Throwing! =]


Gold Dv888… mmf… yeah… ~salivating~



(Mitch Ginder) #5

there are so many things i have in my collection that id trade for that dv888


yokid arent you only like 4 months into yoyoing? i am almost in my 7th month and i only have 5 yoyos and 1 of them is broke lol
1 legacy 1 broke legacy, 1 x convict, which is dinged up badly, 1 hectic which is up for trade, and a bassalope lol

(SR) #7

Awesome collection!


8 months.


o lol

(SR) #10

Oooh… Nice C13!


You’re obviously jealous. Don’t tell other people how to spend their time yoyoing. If they want to buy a bunch of metals, and they have the money to do so, so be it. When I was in my 7th month of yoyoing, I had three yoyos, a Dark Magic, Kickside, and Legacy, but you don’t hear me complaining about it.


I used all of my birthday money plus part of what I have saved up over the years.

(Mitch Ginder) #13

This isnt even really an expensive collection


yours mitch its preaty expensive with 4 dv888 and other cool yyf metals


Dark Magic: 40
Pyro: 110
VK: 100
888: 120
Panda: 20
Catch 13: 80
Legacy: 20
M1: 60
Probably 50 on other accecories and others.

660 total… About.

(SR) #16

Wow, that;s alot. Oh, Evan the dv888 $65 BTW. Cant forget shipping either…


He said 50 on accesories and other things, can’t forget that.


50 was shipping and the cheaper yo-yos.

(Mitch Ginder) #19

Still compared to most collections thats not that expensive, like my collection isn’t big and its well over 1000


C13 and DV888 were gifts.