Collection Pic

<<<<<approved nuff said.

Did you put it in order from your favorite to least because that top row is like droolbait.

No, I didn’t but it’s pretty close in order of favorites. Here’s my order of Favorites: Hatrick, MiniStar, 888x, ProtoStar, Skyy Chaser… and so on. The rest after that would be correct.

nice collection. i like the hatrick and mini star. heres mine

EDIT: hope it was ok to post my collection and everything. if it isnt just pm me and i will remove it.

Nice collection to you! I wish I had a Genesis.

Both of you guys’ collections are great!! I wish I owned a case.

Will a pyramid do?

i really like the genesis. not on topic whatsoever, i just satined the rims on my neighbors dv888

Nice dif-e-os

Awesome yoyo collection SR!

heres mine!

Three dv888s? Nice, metal man.

Heres mine:
Top: Proyo, Profly, Metal Zero, Maverick, Tactic
Middle: Loop 900, Phantom, Dingo, dv888
Bottom: Loop 900, Prostar, Skyline, Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot.
Right(outside): Fiesta

My Collection.

-Newbies United
Tee Hee!

aucully 4 the silver yoyo in the back

Why do you even need 4? That’s crazy! lol

You should sell 3 and keep your favorite and have enough money to buy a yoyo that you want. You don’t really need 4.

yes i do

i think he really likes dv888s



nice collection and nice dv888’s.