My new travel case =]

Still need to cut CW holes

Nice case, all you nead now is a spyy spyder super hero addition. lol (is that a genisis i see in there?)

Yes, that is a Genesis.

And a few DV888’s and a Catch13, as well as (I think) an 888.

Love the case. It’s so awesome.

4 dv888’s 2 888’s a Frantic and a Genesis ;]

That’s awesome. However, I would never go out in public with that.

why so many Dv888 ??? ??? ???

he really like them an i think he said that one day he wants to have every edition

A pretty solid collection. And the case looks pretty solid too. I bet that case will last a while(unless you buy more yo-yos).

Its just my travel case for when I don’t want to take all of my yoyos, I have about 19 lol

Lol… Half the yoyos in the case are Dv888s

You have no clue how jealous i am.

Same here.

wow so creative…i wish i thought of that… 8)

Nice collection but you should expand your collection to include other companies. You are missing out if you don’t.

I want a Boss though! lol

No fair…

I don’t just have yyf yoyo’s, this is less then half of my collection lol

yyf lalalala!