My Yo-Yo Collection

I was bored so I decided to show you my collection. Here it is-

All my yo-yo’s in my case. (dv888, 888, PGM v2, X-ConVict, DM, Sunset)

And next we have two different views of my yo-yo’s.

Hope you like it, I guess.

seems empty…

HA you have them arranged in the same order as you favorite yoyos under your name

Not a bad collection… Half yoyojam half yoyofactory.

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Ha, thanks. I am a perfectionist that way, lol. I plan to get more yo-yo’s at Nats.

what sort of foam or whatever did you use, don’t tell me where to get it from because your shops are different to ours so if you have the name that would be great, my case has rubbish foam and it all looks trashed, tacky and cheap unlike yours, it also folds in and is not very sturdy

He bought the case, he didn’t make it

Does anyone know of any good foam to use for the back part, if anyone could tell me a site to buy it from that would be great, because my case looks rubbish.

Thats’s a great collection! What year’s the 888?

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It’s a B-Grade 888x (2010 888).

888x? Where did you get it and how does it play!? I’m thinking about getting one once they come out and love to know more about it.

I got it at BLC. (Southwest Regionals) Amazing play… you would love it. Mine just has a minor anno flaw… that’s why it’s a b-grade

Is it high wall like the 09’s?