So the other day my dad offered me a deal about getting a phone because my other phone kinda broke but that's a long story and i wont go into that. He told me he could get me a good phone. He doesn't care about the price, he only cares about monthly fees so nothing over 40-50 dollars a month or he said he can get me a really basic phone with only like the call and receive function + an i-pod touch. If you were me what would you choose?

i would choose the really good phone and no ipod touch because ipod touch is pretty much usesless exept for listening to music and you can buy something for way cheaper to do that. you can use games and apps and stuff but you dont really need those things, while a phone with calling and texting you do.

I would go with the bad phone, but instead of getting an iPod touch, get a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0

After I got mine, my brother sold his iPod touch to get one and he’s been in love with his ever since. It’s cheaper than an iPod touch and in my opinion (and in the opinion of every person comparing them in youtube videos) the samsung galaxy player 4.0 is better. It has a micro-sd slot too so that you never run out of memory.

Here’s some of what it does:
-Runs on Android
-has GPS
-Has flash player (you don’t need apple’s annoying youtube app. You have flash player so you can play flash games and not be limited on the youtube videos)
-Has much more customization than the Ipod (My icons are all neon and I have a neon background. It’s pretty sick)
-Has iris (Iris is Siri backwards. They’re almost the same thing. And it’s free).

So there’s some things it does. I would really ask your dad for the cheaper phone, and one of these (and don’t forget to tell him it’s cheaper than an ipod touch).