Why is my new phenomizm super vibey and has really short sleep time I have changed the bearing multiple time but nothing works. What’s Wrong?

Short sleep times? Could be too much lube. You should use very little lube. Clean out the bearing.

Vibey? Could also be the bearing. COuld be your throw. This yoyo takes some getting used to. It will work itself out. But the short sleep times are a bigger issue.

Remove the bearing, de-shield it and clean it. Don’t lube for now, run it dry for a bit just for the purposes of troubleshooting. You can apply lube later. Clean out the bearing seat and recess really good. Check the response pads and make sure they aren’t coming out. Change the string if need be. Ensure your throw is straight and steady(biggest issue!!) Seat the axle fully into one side.

Mine plays great. It’s got a KK in there, right?

No I think something is wrong with the yoyo I put bearings that were fine I another yoyo in it but I played the same.

I’d go with the throw. It looks like a yoyo that demands a good throw or it will vibe, like the X-con.

The Phenomizm sleeps for a long time and doesn’t have much vibe, it should play fine with the stock kk in it. I agree with the others that have stated it’s probably your throw.

I’ll be blunt: Your throw. Fix it.

It makes a really loud sound to, I’m trying to improve my throw but why is this my only yoyo that has vibe?

throw the yoyo and then try to smooth it out with your fingernail. If it smooths out, it’s your throw.

i have done that it doesn’t help on it and why does it spin for like 20 seconds and dies with a good bearing.

There’s a chance you got a dud. You might want to contact the store you bought it from.

Change the response.

If the bearing is good, check that the response is intact. Otherwise the only thing left is your throw.

So do you mean his throw, or his throw?

Yeah, if he did the finger test, and it’s still vibey, check the pads, axle in case it’s bent, bearing seat area, otherwise, contact your supplier.

Make a video.

If all of those things are intact, there’s no point in contacting the supplier because that would indicate It’s his throw. finger test or not, which I’ve never found to be particularly reliable.

Not necessarily, every time I’ve done the finger test, it’s worked fine for me. We do what we want. :slight_smile:

He says his other yoyos are not vibey, indicating it’s not his throw. Also he says he did the finger test, which is a reliable way to test vibe, to me at least…

Maybe he tightened it to much? Maybe the caps aren’t in properly?

Does anything look weird on or in the yoyo?

No it looks fine I email yoyo jam to see what they can do.

Make a video. Take photos. Let’s face it, we don’t trust your description. Quite frankly, anyone who says that their yoyo has vibe is usually met first with suspicion on this forum.

That was really rude…

Anyway, yeah. we could use pictures…