Phenomizm Response?

Ugh, I feel a little ashamed to admit this, but I don’t really know how to decrease the response on my Phenomizm yoyo. I have had it for about two months now, and in learning more whip tricks the response level has just seemed a little too much lately.

What can I do to make it less responsive?

it should also be noted that my experience with modding yoyos is non-existant, so if we can keep it to hardware store type materials and minimally invasive procedures would be awesome. :slight_smile: I love it kinda like a child… heh. Help?

Search button. There are many topics about making a yoyo less responsive.
The only thing I would do to a phenomizm is clean the bearing. Removing a response pad… doesnt work so great.

Just clean the bearing, or swap bearings from another yoyo. Phenomizms should be unresponsive. Did you break in the bearing fully?

you should lube the bearing (thin) Also replace the response I suggest red gasket maker where u can buy at auto zones for 4 bucks

Try a cleaned bearing with poly string

If it really doesn’t work, I would rip out the silicone and recess it myself.

When you buy a new yoyo, no matter if it is beginner or advanced, the yoyo will USUALLY be fully to semi- responsive (at least they are in my experience). Just thin lube it to break down the factory lubricant, then break in the bearing and it should be perfect. :wink: I don’t think ripping out the silicone and redoing yourself is really necessary.

It’s not the yoyos fault, but yours. It should 100% unresponsive. At this point you can clean the bearing with lighter fluid and add some Yoyojam thin lube to it.