Increasing Responsiveness?

Got a Phenomizm a few days ago. Definitely awesome.

It came unresponsive but had the kind of tight binds that fresh response and good string would give you. But now, days later, the stock lube from the kk has been burnt off (i think?), and the response has been burnt too (it’s now flush with the inner wall’s surface).

So apart from buying new yyj silicon pads (which may mean a never ending cycle of new response every week —> $$$$?!), is there anything i could do to bring the yoyo back to that unresponsive-yet-tight-binds-and-a-tiny-bit-responsive level?

I was thinking of dropping lube into the bearing, but then again i don’t know what type of lube to use, neither do i know how much i should use. after all the IZM is a high performance 1A yoyo and it’s not exactly wise to sacrifice too much sleep time.


Phoenomizm is an unresponsive yoyo… why do you want responsiveness? Why do you even own one if you need responsiveness? Dead unresponsive has a nice tight bind if you can bind properly. Also, in a day or two your silicone pads will -not- wear down, or burn. KK also comes dry I believe.

I dont think anything is wrong with your yoyo. Your string probably just broke in. It sounds like you should not have purchased a high end 1A yoyo and should have got a Velocity or something adjustable instead.

Anyways… to reluctantly answer your question, any bearing with a pindrop of thick or thin lube will become responsive somewhat. It will never ruin your bearing, it will always wear in… and you can clean your bearing in mineral spirits or acetone whenever you want to rid it of the lube anyway…

But what happened was more than likely not your yoyo’s fault. Its you, or the string. The pads being flush will not effect anything… It should not be tug responsive and it should also not have excess silicone from the pad sticking out. Wearing that down is the process to make it -better-…

Just get used to it. Flush silicone is the in thing these days.