Phenom T worth it?


or shall I get a valor (nickel plated costs the same
or rather continue to save up money until I eventually get an anglam


If you have tried the Phenom before an liked it, you will most likely enjoy the Phenom T since it’s pretty much an upgrade version of it.
So far people seem to really like the valor. It plays very competition oriented with great horizontal play. Made of 7075 and nickel>Ti Rings.
The Anglam is way out of their league, but expensive. Better than the aforementioned Phenom T and Valor at pretty much everything, however, not much better enough to justify the price tag (IMO).
I’d go with the Valor since it plays and looks great.

EDIT: Sorry, I thought the valor had SEs. Thanks GregP for pointing that out.


No SE’s on a Valor.

But it’s my favourite by One Drop!


Could you elaborate to what extent the Phenom Ti has been upgraded vs. the OG?


The general shape is the same, however, the specs are a little different.

Weight (g) 66.4
Diameter (mm) 55.90
Width (mm) 39.50
Trapeze Width (mm) 37

Phenom T
Weight (g) 68.6
Diameter (mm) 55.74
Width (mm) 40.00
Trapeze Width (mm) 38

Nickel-Bronze Rings
Konkave bearing
Mirror caps

Phenom T
Titanium Rings
Flat bearing
Flat face


I know titanium is a stronger metal but isnt it lighter than aluminum making it a pretty rediculous idea to make titanium weight rings?

I know expensivr yoyos are made from ti, so i think alot of people just think “titanium is better” and i agree that it looks nice but like with the anglam having titanium weight rings wouldnt steel, brass or even just aluminum weight rings establish the point of prolonging the spin time way betyer than ti bc they are denser?

Just reminds me of a thread where talking about the catch 22 they say titanium weight rings are cool but the idea is kinda dumb, it would be better jist to make an all aluminum yoyo…

I agrer the phenom ti looks way nicer than thr regulat phenom, i have a phenomizm that i like quite a bit so would be interested in trying a phenom and more so the phenom ti version, i like how they took away the caps idea and made the ti rings all nice. Witg that blue swirl!!

For your question it depends on what u want, phenom def a nice collectors piece but i have heard the valor is one of the best competition throws out right now

Its hard to compare thosr 2 asleast for me ya know? Hahah


titanium is denser than aluminum.
Im just unsure if the phenom ti plays significantly better than the og phenom.


I’d say that it will play better than the OG although it may have a different feel. Also, $5 more for the Ti? Definitely a yes from me.