I got my PHENOMizm a week ago or so, and I absolutely love the thing! Very solid throw, and just about everything is perfect for me. I was considering getting the PHENOM, but as we all know, aluminum is denser than poly-carbonate, and I was concerned if the play is significantly effected by the different materials being used to make them.

Has anybody tried both the PHENOM and PHENOMizm? And is there any significant difference?

I’ve read reviews comparing them both, most people say the Phenom isn’t worth twice as much. But if I had enough money I’d buy a Phenom in a heartbeat.

get the 70G phenom rather than the 66g ones

theyre much more stable!

Interesting, didn’t know there were different ones.

The material on the weight rings
There’s a bunch of different ones

well, their both good and the phenomizm is just a plastic phenom with no gold rims. but i still say the phenom. :wink:

This is like saying the poly-carbonate and aluminum they use have the same density. That was the whole reason I was asking honestly. I wanted to make sure that they play very similarly even though they are made of different materials. I wasn’t sure if the YYJ team could make all of the changes they had to for an aluminum form due to structural reasons, etc.

Regardless of if I have the release times wrong, my question still stands: do they actually play quite similar? Why do you “still say the phenom.” ?

Sorry if I’m being too particular, but if I’m buying something, I’d like to know what to expect at this point. I know a lot of times people just suggest buying it and seeing if you like it or not, but I’ve already established a preference, and I want to make sure this fits in the same niche as PHENOMizm does.