(courtesy of the YYJ Twitter)

The PHENOM with a twist! Rings are now being made out of titanium. This specific colorway will only be at Japan Nats, hopefully we’ll see more of these soon!


man, that thing is beautiful
they should mass produce it…


If I’m not mistaken, under the caps of the original PHENOM there was a spike. Based on this picture, I’d assume that the spike was removed and the weight from them is now in the titanium rings possibly adding more spin time and perhaps stability.


I completely agree with you on that assumption ArchersAxe, which means this new Phenom will be a real Spin Machine.

It would be nice to hear from someone who has thrown one. As good as the Phenom was in it’s day, I always felt that it was always just a few tweaks away from making a great YoYo even greater. Maybe that’s what has happend here.


That looks amazingly sick! I love how YYJ has been innovating titanium in all their throws now.


It’s cool and all, but brings up the price.


That’s a good question, how much is this new Phenom ?..

Anybody know ?


It doesn’t seem to make the biggest difference, based on their other throws, the price doesn’t shoot up like on the Anglam or something else with titanium.


I mean, you could compare it to the Titan 3 which is $130. Only difference would be that the PHENOM base price was $140


I myself like the look of the yoyo but those engravings are meh


The phenoms base price is $140 ish due to the 24K gold rings and possibly a slightly more expensive difeyo Kk.

I can see this going in the price range of $155-$165


For the YYJ Phenom;
What is the advantage of using Ti over brass?

Since brass is 2X the density of Ti, it seems the consumer is paying top $ for less performance. You can anodize Ti though :wink:


Yeah. I was thinking it was a marketing strategy. A new version of a yoyo with different materials sounds much more appealing than a re-release.

At least to me that’s what I’d like to hear.


It is priced at $152 (14800 yen) on another site so if they ever come here I would guess that they would be in the same ballpark.


The rings in the original Phenom are 24k gold, not brass.


Pretty sure that the OG Phenom had brass rings coated with 24K gold. I can’t see any advantage to having TI rings over brass cw no spikes. My OG Phenom screams for speed albiet complete with a hollow suckey sound. !st thing I did was to remove the shiny mirror caps and expose the defining spikes. Seems to be a $5 difference in price between the two so, I wouldn’t worry too much about pricing.

(WildCat23) #17

I was just wondering that.

No, if they were solid 24k gold, the yoyo would cost thousands of dollars…


Hmm… I thought it was all gold for some reason, not just gold plating.


Definitely gold plated.


Gold plated