PGM2 Questions

im more than likely getting a PGM2 around christmas. anyway, i had a couple questions about them.

do the hubs fly off if you drop it? (im using is for 5A)

are the hubs super loud? (compared to the noize of a DM)

do pull starts make for longer spins?

no, no and no

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I have one and Ive never had my hub-stacks fall off even when dropped, they stay on pretty well. Compared to a Yo Yo with no hub-stacks they do make some noise, but its not anything too loud. Ive never owned or thrown a DM so I can’t compare the noise.

I’m not a big fan of pull starts, I can easily get a 1:30 on a decent pull start but I can get WAY more if I just throw the Yo Yo.

BTW I really don’t like the PGM prob my least thrown yo-yo.

Like Zombieheadshot said, hub-stacks have never fallen off on my end, and yes they do make a bit of noise, but for one who doesn’t like all the noise, it’s not something a bearing cleaning couldn’t fix up. I’ve thrown a DM once or twice, it was a friends so the noise of my PGM was a bit louder, but his bearings were recently cleaned when I threw it, so that most likely had something to do with it. Pull starts, I’ve done a few, but in my opinion since you can’t really get a good enough grip to make a longer spin time, actually throwing is better? I recently removed my hub-stacks though and replaced the axle with a m4 bolt/nut and everything plays out wonderfully on my end.

You know, if your willing to ditch the hubstacks, the Die-Nasty is pretty much the same yoyo, just with FHZ style caps instead of rings and hubstacks… And its much cheaper, and a great 5A yoyo…

  1. Mine have never fallen off, but they might if you somehow don’t put them back on correctly.

  2. Mine aren’t. But, if you clean the bearings, then yes, it will probably be louder.

  3. They can, but I have never gotten a longer pull start then just normal sleeper.

Not to get off topic, but yeah, I’ve had the PGM for a good 2-3 months, and not exactly in the position to spend a few bucks on a new throw, and the hubs for the axle was partially stripped (difficulty putting the two halves together, the axle would slip). I enjoyed having the stacks in the beginning, but like a few others, they grew old and really held no use (opinion) other than to pull start. Figured removing them wouldn’t do no harm, and it didn’t.

also, what about the pads in them? how often do they need to be changed with average daily usage?? my DM has hybrid response

Not sure why/how, but one side of the response (K-Pad) came off the third day I had it, so now I’m using hybrid (K-Pad/Silicone) and it’s been a good 3 months or so, I’ve played with it every day and I haven’t seen a loss in grip yet (Unless I’m just ignorant of when I really should replace the K-Pad, which will be with silicone so no more hybrid response). Best estimate I can give for the moment.