Hubs On PGM

Sooo… You may have read my topic pn the green pgm and noticed i am looking for one.
but are the hubs fun, i dont think that it would effect the play considering they come with the yoyo.
But are they really fun to play with and do cool things with???

i personally think they would be,
and just while were on the subject, is the bearing good? i know yyj stock bearings arent the best but with a little lube would this bearing be good???

thanks ps. my order would be pink bulk string, pgm green and possibly thin oil.
Do i need anythin else like another kpad response? (or if there is somethin better please say)

They are fun to play with, but you get tired of them after a while.

but can u answer the other Q’s?
not about the ghubs please:):slight_smile:

Yes, the bearing is very good. Spins like a kk, and is silent as the night.

And you should get some extra kpads, in case they wear out and you can save on shipping.

thank you sooo much
now just to wait for green lol