PGM Silicone error.

Hi everyone!

So a little before Christmas I tried siliconing my PGM and failed miserably. The day after I silconed it, i tried it and it was probably worse than a Duncan Butterfly. The string could barely unravel and it spun really slowly. Odds are it was probably because the one of the spacers and the axle were still on the yoyo while i did the siliconing. So I was wondering if there was a way to save my PGM and if there wasn't can someone give me some tips on siliconing so this doesn't happen again? 

I would have to say use a wood toothpick to ge all the old silicone out. Remove spacers, axle and clean the bearing. Resilicone makeing sure their is no silicone in the bearing seat. Have fun!!!



Don’t use anything sharp or metal to remove silicone or you will scratch it.

If the silicone is stuck pretty good to the axle and spacer, soak them in vinegar. The acid in vinegar is a solvent for silicone. Then rinse well with water and dry them.

Here is a tip: add more silicone than you need in the response groove than when you take the the silicone out by spoon, card, ect like in the RTV clip, the surface will be smooth.
And i think the right way to use the flowable silicone is: