PGM binding practice?

Just wanted to know if I can practice bind with a PGM, because everyone tells me I wont be ablte to use DV888 if I can’t bind that well. So I’m thinking of buying PGM and DV888. Don’t unbox DV888 until I learn to bind well, and unbox it 3-4 weeks after my binding gets better. These are currently the things in my cart.

100 Count - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String

Neon Orange - 100 Count

100 Count - 100% Polyester YoYoExpert String

Neon Yellow - 100 Count

Shinwoo LOOP

Translucent Pink

YoYoFactory Response

Broad Pad CBC (Grind Machine Size)

YoYoFactory Response

Slim - CBC White Pads (888 Size)

YoYoJam Lube

Thin Lube (Maintain Bearing)

YYF Bearings

SPEC Bearing Large (Size C) - 250 x .500 x .187 in

YYF DV888 2011


YYF Grind Machine

Red Body with White Rings
Product Subtotal $130.34

What do you think?

i would just practice on the dv888 (binding) but then again i dont really know. But i used my Dark Magic 2 too practice binding instead of my old yoyo(my old yoyo sucked!!)

So… Dump the PGM and get something and get 2 gloves instead?

The pgm is a great learner for binding, can even go as far as mastery tricks. I’ve got 2 and I learned everything nearly off one. Don’t like the vibe that comes with it or the stacks, just remove the stacks and use a pitch bolt (forgot the measurements, sure you can find it somewhere through the Search). You could learn binding off a dv888 as well though. Just depends on your budget, bother are great throws in my opinion. Can’t go wrong with either one.

If you really want a DV888, buy it and put thick lube in the bearing so it’s responsive. After you’re better with binds, clean the bearing so it’s unresponsive again.
I think the PGM is a unresponsive yo yo anyways.

There is no difference in binding the pgm than the DV888. Get what you want.

Most yoyos are great to learn to bind on these days. Your ability to bind will not differ if you use the dv888 or the pgm. I personally started on a legacy. It takes a bit more winding, but you don’t need to learn to bind on a responsive yoyo. As long as you have the patience for it, you can bind on most yoyos out today.

OK so get DV888 and spend $30 on something else, what should I spend them on? Maybe a KK bearing?
Or get both and add them to my collection?

I wouldn’t bother with the KK bearing. It doesn’t help.

So just get the Grind Machine and add it to collection? Or just save for virtual money I buy for games?



If you like both yoyos get both of them, they’re both good yoyos. But if you’re just getting the PGM to practice bind you don’t have to get it.

Also if I were you I would look into finding some RTV silicone because pads cost a lot but that my opinion.

you can bind on any unresponsive yo yo…just depends on the setup.

granted the gap size on the pgm is smaller - lendin’ itself to bind easier.

i think you can learn how to bind w/ a dv888.



you totally don’t need both cause with brand new response systems, you can bind on anything.
here’s proof: here is how my freind binds, trapzez, drop the trapeze. somehow he binds like that and it works on his brand new grind machine. same as dv888 no difference and i would save up for another all metal instead of kk, kk is useless unless you’re a bearing changer with 100 extra bearings.

You could drop the PGM and the shinwoo loop and wait for the loop 900’s to come out on the 18th

Loop 900 is gonna be expensive, like $20+ I won’t get Grind machine, I’ll buy a YYJ Fiesta instead, that means all I can spend is $18 on a looping yoyo (If i’m dropping the Shinwoo LOOP).

yeah, but looks like he can’t wait…but its worth waiting

I am still learning how to do a basic inside loop, maybe 2A isn’t my thing. So I would just go with a Shinwoo LOOP. Don’t want to buy something too expensive that I won’t use you know.

ok that would be great

If I were you, I’d just get 100 strings, DV888, thin lube, and a spare response set. That’ll be all you need to start up. Don’t spend too much starting out.

My 2 cents.