PGM and DM

I noticed that my stackless PGM spins longer and is smoother than my DM. Does that sound right? Or is there something wrong with my DM?

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Sounds right to me. My PGM is smoother them my DM as well.

same with me

Same with me, but why don’t you tune up with you DM to spin longer and faster than PGM.

Happy Throwing! =]

how do I do that? even though the PGM is smoother and spins longer, it looks cheap compared to the DM. Thats what kinda bothers me, I have the black PGM and I can see the plastic mold flashings from the molding process.

You’re generally able to see that because its plastic, and of the shape

Please explain how to tune.

yea, the PGM is a great yoyo thanks to silicone response, and yea PGM>DM, but DM is an awesome yo as well.