which is better a DM or a proto star?


hi guys! w/c yoyo do you think is better, and long spin time? :slight_smile: a DM or a Proto Star?


Neither is better or will spin longer with a good throw.


Which is better, a orange or an apple?

Ask that question and the answers will be based on preferance. I suggest you just look at the shape and sizes, and figure out which one you want to hold. If you like grinding, I suspect a DM will grind better, but I’ve not tried the protostar, so it’s just speculation.

Just see which one looks better to you.


Personally, I do not like YoYoFactory, so naturally I would say DM. The protostars come unresponsive out of the box, whereas the DM can be responsive, or unresponsive. Definitely think the DM is more well rounded for beginners and advanced players alike.

Hope that helped!


Nah, DM is unresponsive too. At least mine was. Why don’t you like YYF??? They’re not bad, well, then again, I only bought a genesis.


Something about them I just don’t like. I don’t really think I can put my finger on it… but there’s something.

My DM was definitely responsive out of the box. A bearing change and shims made it dead unresponsive.


They are both great yoyos, if you like grinding I suggest you the DM, If you like 5a, I suggest you the protostar, because protostar is a great player in both of them. Spin time? The spin time depends on you. It just depends how hard you throw it. Have fun practicing ;D


I’m not very fond of YYJ because it seems alot of their yoyos are the same. Plastic center, metal rims, just slight variations in shape.


This isn’t even needed.

And YYF isn’t?


Hmmm… YYF. Cheap metals with different shapes. OF COURSE!!! There’s only like 5 variations of materials, so it must be different shapes. Anyways, do you think a C13 is the same as a Genesis? They’re both made of metal…


I guess I should have specified that I meant YYF has just as wide of variation in shape as YYJ.