YoYo Factory equivalent of the YoYo Jam Dark Magic

Title pretty much says it all. I’m looking for a new yo yo and I’m somewhat torn. Thanks for any advice you can give.

I can’t think of anything. They don’t have that many highwalled throws.

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Closest I would say it probably northstar or protostar. I don’t have a DM so I have no idea how it plays, just from the looks and what people say about the two, they seem similar.

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Nah, the DM2 is highwalled, solid, stable, and SLOW. The Northstar is lowwalled, kind of floaty, and can be pushed to go fast.

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Maybe a Counter Attack? I have a PGM which is supposed to be the same body. The PGM has similar size and shape to the DM2, but my PGM plays nowhere near the level of the DM2. Can’t speak for the Counter Attack as I’ve never thrown one.

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PGM being the plastic Grind Machine, right?


Well I just ordered my DM2 Toxic Frog :slight_smile: Cant wait to get it!

I already have a blue DM2, so it’s hard (for me; not for everyone!) to justify buying another one. But I sure do love the look of the Toxic Frog. Amazing. Lucky you!