Dark magic 2 or protostar?

Looking to get a high end plastic which plays better?

I have never played the Dm2 but I love the protostar :slight_smile: Im sure there both great throws though. People also say the Diffusion 2 is WAY better then the protostar. But I haven’t tried the Diffusion peronally. Get whatever looks coolest I guess :wink: Hope that helped.

get neither of those and get the Diffusion 2. It’s far better than either of those yoyos, i highly suggest it.

Neither are strictly plastic. The DM2 has metal rims and the Protostar has metal weight rings. Personally, I find the Protostar outdated and not that great of a player compared to many other higher end plastics around today. And the DM2 in my opinion is very much an intermediate, learning unresponsive play, yoyo, and not the best value out there. I’d choose a DM2 out of the two.

I’d rather go with a modded YoYoJam Classic if it were me. Or, if it has to be something higher end, a Premiere by SOMETHING.

My vote would also be for the diffusion 2. I need to get another and get into 3a.

Is it just the regular diffusion on here don’t see a specific “diffusion 2”.

dm2 is just overpriced not outdated
the stars are both, tho.

I would argue the opposite. I don’t think the protostar is outdated at all. But the dm2 surely is.

Get a Golyat! It’s super smooth and fingerspins surprisingly well.

It’s just called the Diffusion on this site, people like to differentiate it from the old Diffusion and call it the “2” or “new diffusion” because there was an old throw called the diffusion that was different and no one seemed to like it.

Yes on YYE it is called new diffusion under the options for the diffusion page.

The diffusion 2 is really nice. Way better than the protostar.