PGM 1.0 or PGM 2.0?

Which one would you choose and why? Is one better than the other? I own a PGM 2.0 green and my brother gave me his PGM 1.0. Wondering?

PGM 2.0 are more balanced, cheaper for hubstacks, and are basicly the same shape and feel as a PGM 1.0, so PGM 2.0.

Well, they are more balanced like you said, but its the throw, not the yo. The throw usually maintains on balancing it self. I see what you mean. And, I like 1.0 a little better because of the colors. 2.0 is ugly, the blue and yellow is horrible, the white isn’t what I expected and the green and black is good.

The white PGM opens for so many opportunities. I have seen SICK dye jobs on that thing.