Peter Fish Luminator


This is my first review, and it’s going to be crappy.

Looks: This yoyo looks amazing for a plastic. It’s clear dark blue really looks cool when shining in the light. It has 2 caps the one on top is a clear ocean blue color, to put on top of a sparkly white cap to give off an amazing look.

Play: This yoyo looks and plays like a FH2. I haven’t mentioned this before but this yoyo is responsive, so it’s much better off as an epic beginners yo. It spins for a really long time but not long enough to complete those overly amazing combos. I’d say this is a really good beginner-intermediate yoyo. it comes stock with a foam pad return system. it’s bearing size is an unknown, I think its a Yomega bearing and comes with no spacers or bearing seats, just the plastic and the bearing.

Mods: I see many modding opportunities for you modders out there.

OVERALL: Looks 8/10

          Play: beginners 10/10
                 intermediate 6/10
                expert 3/10
           Mods: 9/10

Hope you enjoyed reading this. The Luminator is a great yoyo for only $7.99. You can’t go wrong with this thing.


Thanks :smiley:




If he didn’t include pictures last August when he wrote the review, I doubt he’ll bother now.


I believe that most of the FHZ mods worked for the Luminator as well , yotricks [dot] com seems sling the luminator as their “signature” yoyo - they sell a “mod kit” for it and have some videos on tutorials…


The Luminator STINKS, unless you mod it. I have played with a stock one and a modded one, and it is like playing with completely different (and better) yoyo when you throw the modded one.