The Peter Fish Luminator (A Quick Experience-Based Review)


The Luminator.

COST - $3.99 at my local Walgreens. $5 if you buy it from their website.

At First Glance …
    The Luminator was my first yo-yo that I used to learn how to do tricks.
    The yoyo itself uses a small bearing and two O-rings. There are caps which are easily removable. This is a RESPONSIVE yoyo.

The package you get with the Luminator comes with:
      - The Luminator
      - a default short string (50% Cotton / 50% Polyester)
      - an extra longer string (another 50/50)
      - a small trick book with the basics


  • Cheap, but does the job
  • Easy to use.
  • Upon starting for the first time, a somewhat decent throw yielded about 40 seconds of sleeping time.
  • Butterfly shape built for string tricks
  • Sturdy for a plastic


  • The lightweight build of the yoyo is only good for the early stages of yoyoing and not too good for advanced tricks
  • If you throw a very straight sleeper, it may cause the Luminator to become unresponsive.
  • This is mostly my fault, but I’ve broken two Luminators in the past five days. This is all due to overtightening the yoyo.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion
The Luminator is a great yoyo to start out with. Peter Fish also has other different kinds of yoyos, including the light up Originator (beginner’s yoyo with clutch system) and Dominator (looping trick yoyo; imperial shaped) of the same price. However, once you start working on more intermediate/advanced tricks, it’s probably better to put the Luminator away and get a heavier, metal yoyo.

Peter Fish Yoyo Website:


the luminator was the best one i tried. the dominator is by far the worst looping yoyo i have ever tried to throw. but the luminator is probably the best $3 price range yoyo with a ball bearing axle readily available at the nearest walgreens. it can be made more unresponsive with slick strings and a good bearing cleaning. also deshielding the bearing is the only way you can get these to play unresponsive. the bearings are real small and cheap. a lot of the friction is caused by the shields themselves. seems like good mod fodder for those who would like to experiment. the price is right. but not anything you are going to be serious with. great for small children just starting out/learning, but it will only take you so far. you can go a lot further with a duncan mosquito in my honest opinion, and their looping yoyo you would do better with a duncan imperial.

if you want to try one of these peterfish yoyos i strongly recommend the luminator because the shape is good. i havent tried the clutch ones, but i would imagine they are probably better than those dominators. those are just horrible! the shape and weight is all wrong and the foam response system is horrible for looping. it seriously makes simple looping tricks harder because of the slippy response.

anyway im not trashing the company, but putting in my too sense. my advice to anyone looking for a good beginner yoyo is to bypass these and try a lyn fury or even a shinwoo phantom. the luminator is the best i have tried from peterfish. it’s not a bad throw, and something i would supply to a 5-year old to learn on. something that some more complex tricks can be learned on, but i wouldnt loose much sleep trying to land black hops or even a rewind on. (the rewind can be done on it i know from experience) but i wouldnt recommend it for anyone who wants to keep yoyoing for more than a passing hobby you will forget in 2 weeks.


Thnxs :smiley:


Never knew they sold at walgreens, Ill have to look into that… And to my understanding the luminator can be modded unresponsive… Actually… Nvm any yoyo can be modded unresponsive :smiley:


they havent been sold at walgreens for 2 years man, i wouldnt bother.