Custom Luminator


My first unresponsive yoyo was a Peter Fish Luminator from
It has a dry bearing, rubber weight rings, and silicone response pads.
It played fine for my first unresponsive yoyo, but the styling was hideous.
I decided to take a stab at modding it (if you even consider this a mod).

I sanded off all of the branding and put a splash pattern under the translucent end caps. I whipped up the design in photoshop and just printed it out on printer paper. I then traced the end cap and cut it out with scissors. Ghetto as it may be, I think it looks 10x better than the original. lol.




It looks ten times better than the original.


She’s a byewt. (Crocodile hunter voice)




I agree 100 percent.


That looks amazing! (does it play better at least?)


Definitely better than the original. Way to go man!

(Waylon) #8

I have a MIB Luminator sitting with my yoyo stuff right now. I’ve just been inspired. One of these days…


Preeeeeeeety… Preeety…


Niceee! Great job! Looks pretty pro, not ghetto at all…