pertyo please reply

since sending you pms hasn’t seemed to get your attention im making a thread…

are the two black rainflys shipped… i need to know.

im moving from the address i gave you friday to Fort Drum New York and most likely wont have an address there till late in July…

please reply in pms… i need an answer back very soon.

mods im sorry if this is out of procedure, but i need a reply from him because the schedule is getting very tight. if this is against the rules or deemed unnecessary please remove… but i need a reply from him tomorrow… and i havent gotten a reply to any of my pms from the last three days since i bought them on friday or saturday.

I’ve dealt with pertyo many times, and every single time he has been an absolute pleasure to deal with.

He seems to be a man of few words, though. I’m not sure I’ve ever received a shipping confirmation from him, but they’ve always arrived quite quickly.

yeah, i’ve never had an issue with pertyo. everything always arrived quickly

Lol nvm.

Idk, man. He might have been busy this weekend and didn’t have time to message you. Or make it to the post office. Sometimes things happen.

But why didn’t just give him your new address?

Link the only thing I know bro far about my new home is that its on an army base we won’t get an a dress till mid july

It’s all figured out, pertyo is shipping me the Rainflys, and I’ll give them to Jonathan whenever I can.

I just happened to come across this post and :o. It’s weird I didn’t receive any pms from you between this timeline.