Perspectives on the upcoming OD Perspective

You wouldn’t think this would play well but…

Werrd 86400 X Pacquiao
Every dimension is different, but both from the golden age of quality axle posts. Has exactly the precession issues you’d expect and I have to rotate slowly while playing, but I’m sure OD have that under control.

What I didn’t expect was how satisfying the finger grinds would be with the big wing out.


I usually love weird and gravitate toward strange but I must lack perspective on this one


Once again just wanted to state I am very excited project. Jordan has long deserved a signature yoyo for his tenure in the Onedrop team.

And if you know Jordan personally, he is a quirky guy and thus its no surprise at all this is how his choice in a signature yoyo is.

Yeah, it is an idea. Its an idea that is incredibly furthest from the scope of normalcy in yoyo design and shapes. But if we do not step outside the line of comfortable design, how will we ever progress in further pushing the envelope? And because its a half and half design- you can always buy two of the same halves in order to have a more dormant normal looking yoyo.

Guess you could say it really is all about “perspective”…right?



I’ve been inspired toward innovation by this thread.

I’m thinking I might take it a little further release this.

Just this.

And according to the latest naming trends I will call it the ‘Deconstructionism’

I’m just having laugh, not a dig.


That’s just a spin top Glen.


Not so crazy. Taka is selling single halves as part of the Borderless line.


I won’t be able to get this thing off my mind until I can get it in my hands. I don’t know if it’s bad. I don’t know if it’s good. I just need to know.