LF OD recommendations

Hello there yo-yo enthusiasts,

I’m thinking of purchasing one of the following OD models : Panorama / Diorama / Parlay / Format C.

Which one of these beasts would you advise me to buy and why?


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Get any of them. Parlay is pretty good but get what ever you can get your hands on.


Parlays are about to drop and the other 3 are quite easy to find second hand… only issue is that I can only afford to buy one haha.

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Never played a format C. Sorry.
I see very little difference between the pano and Dio…i swaped out SE so often that the weight diff between then is meaningless. I like the Dio a bit more because it’s AL7 … or is that the Pano… i don’t recommend both especially if your on a budget.

PARLAY is way more my style then the pano/Dio. Can’t say enough about the parlay.

In the end look at the shape you want to play the most.


I agree with the others. Get whichever shape appeals to you most. Format:C is going to be more light and sporty feeling, Pano/Dio is slimmer and high-walled so will take some finesse to really enjoy, and Parlay will be sort of a middle ground like a higher performing organic compared to the Panorama.

Personally, I’d get a Parlay but I already have a Panorama (which I love) and I’m not really interested in the Format:C.


Honestly, I said get a pano or dio. The parlays that dropped last week sold out in literal seconds. This drop won’t be different. I say go for a pano or dio. Both are stock several different places brand new. You’ll be fine with either one, though they are slimmer, they’re not harder to play with. At least I don’t think so. I say they’re funner to play with if anything.


Parlay 100%, then panorama, then diorama, then format:c 2


You were right the first time. The Diorama is AL7 (7075).


I don’t have a OD that I don’t like. Current favorites are still the Top Deck and recently picked up a Sugar Glider and I like it a lot. Slightly undersized and just enough width. MCMO is also really good. Of all of those the Sugar Glider is in stock now.