Looking for some new yo-yo ideas

Hey everyone,
After taking a bit of a break from yoyoing for a bit over the winter, I have been picking it back up. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and as always my family asks for a list of yoyos that I would like, off which they pick one or two. I already know I would like the origin from throwback skull toys for modern responsive march, but need some more recommendations. I have yo-yos for all 5 styles but am looking for a 1a yoyo, with pretty much no specifications. What are some throws that you have been really enjoying lately and think I should try out. For price, I would say stay under $100. Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: I should clarify, I already have multiple capable monometals that are good for the tricks I am learning (right now I have almost got down 1.0 hook), so the purpose was not looking for a yo-yo to get into advanced yoyoing, but more for ideas of unique or really fun yoyos you recommend.


I don’t own a ton of yo-yos but man I really love the Bathysphere from MK1 x TRT. Since I bought it I just find myself continuing to go back to it.


Got a Bathy right here for ya. FS: Help Me Fund a Polaris

Every time I scroll by and see your post I think: damn, he’s buying a new snowmobile?! :sweat_smile:


Haha. That would take a few more yo-yos.


I’m not very experienced but I love the look of Mowl yoyos if you can find them anywhere, they have some of the most intricate designs out there


I’m pretty sure there are a few different mowl models available right now here on YYE


Ya got the gravitony looks super sweet!

Aggressor looks sweet and everyone who has tried it likes it. I’m going to try one tomorrow and I’m excited!

Infiltrate is super super good.

Papercut is super sweet.

There’s a ton of super good and fun yo-yos out right now. Just explore and see what looks sweet to you!


Easy kill is any Duncan bimetal, anything by Motion and anything by Dressel. These 3 have consistently impressed me.

If you’re looking for “character”, I’d go with One Drop. Fantastic designs and they’re all different.


If ur looking for fun and unique throws I say get something with a unique shape or something oversized or undersized for funsies. Some yo-yos that come to mind are the wizard for sure, the gopa, for a unique shape u could get a gulch i just got one and it’s super comfy and tons of fund n very capable. U could also go undersized n get a mini star 2 or parallel from motion, or for unique and fun get an oasis.


I think that limiting the price to less than $100 affects the quality of response to this question. Truly innovative; or different yo-yo’s will likely cost more than your limit.

Sort of like asking what amazing sports cars you can get for less than $25,000.

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Actually in today’s market, there are plenty of ground breaking and uniquely individual yoyos that fall into the 100$ and under price range!

Companies like Dressel, YJyoyo, MK1, and Atmos are just some examples of brands that are doing big things with new ideas and dropping things at great prices.

To the OP, definitely look into those brands I mentioned for sure, and honestly with anything you pick, you’ll definitely be happy with the offerings of today’s yoyos :slight_smile:

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