Feelings about the Arcade?

Hi everyone, I was looking for an organic yo-yo on the cheaper side and was going to pick up the Throwbacks Arcade. Do you like it and/or recommend it? If not are there some others at a similar price point?


I really like mine.

I don’t play it much anymore - I’m not big into organics. But it’s a good throw for the price.

I would say its a great transition yoyo. Something to get you started in unresponsive. Fun to play and learn on. But more of a stepping stone.

As you aquire new/better yoyos, I feel it will take a back seat.

Have fun.

Thanks, I already have some great yo-yos, so mainly wanted the arcade for just a fun one.

The Arcade is the only yo-yo I’ve ever bought that I just plain did not like. And after playing more organics I realized it wasn’t that I dislike organics at all. I just found the Arcade completely underwhelming in every way. I would buy any other organic if you want an organic… Even something lame like a Yomega Maverick.

But that’s just my opinion, and they’re like that other thing everyone has.

A “Fun” yoyo along these lines is the smaller version. The Snack. I have mine set up responsive, but a fun “little” throw.

I also like the MK1 Dynames. It is about twice the cost, but I enjoy it more than the Arcade.

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I actually got a snack recently and I LOVE it. So fun to carry around. Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

There isn’t much that’s cheaper than the Arcade. But there are lots of other options.

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i have an arcade, and the most I can say about it is it’s a good beginner yoyo if you’re learning those intermediate to advanced tricks and want a metal upgrade. the fingerspin dimple is nonexistent, but it’s a compact lil guy that’s more powerful than it looks. you can’t get much cheaper, but im sure the price reflects the performance

I just got the Ann Bubák version of the Uppercut. The design is great. Plays lighter while out-spinning some of my favorites.

$34.99 for the solids.