Perhaps the last mip c22

Any who know me, know that I am crazy for this yoyo. I believe it is the greatest throw ever made. After I let my old one go I have longed for another. Today, thanks to a person that shall remain nameless for now, this yo has made it back to me. It’s been sitting in a safe unopened since 09 when it was bought new


Congrats! Enjoy ;D

No longer mip:)

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Studio let that go? I know he likes to help out people when feels like he can. What a person regardless who it was!

How much did u have to pay for it :o :o :o

Yoyodoc sold it to me for exactly retail price.

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he wasn’t part of the community back then. Mo is the bomb for keeping that thing in such awesome shape.

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YoYoDoc is an awesome guy! I hope to buy him a beer some time!

That’s really cool. I wish more companies were that innovative nowadays. I’d much rather buy 3-4 super expensive, but ground breaking and amazing yoyos every year than the fairly formulaic stuff that mostly gets pumped out lately.

Wow, haven’t seen one of those in awhile.

Here’s a video of it put to good use! That’s one lucky yoyo.

I never had a C22. Wouldn’t mind trying one, but I don’t know if I’d want one or not until I throw it.

I hope the day comes when you get to try one. I have owned more throws then I would care to admit, and I’d say just trust me. It’s amazing

I’m only sad I didn’t make that post.  :wink:

Congrats. Nice find. When you said it was NIB in the safe, I knew it was yoyodoc instantly. He and I exchanged some PMs recently, and I knew he had one sitting there. Remember yoyodoc, I am interested in some of those precious gems you have in there.  :wink:

Also, keep in mind I am a generous benefactor to the community as well, not just a greedy selfish collector:,63820.465.html

See post 477.  ;D

Did you buy a dazzler?

That is good; that yoyo is meant to be played.

Very nice find! And the box is pretty awesome. I’d never seen it before this post but I read the review on high speed yoyo and it sounds awesome. Have a blast with it!

What do you especially love about its play over other yo-yos?

I love undersized to begin with. It spins longer then anything. It’s a machine. Fast. Perfect weight. Yyf put a lot of thought into it and it shows

Very sweet! Sounds awesome, perhaps I’ll get one someday :slight_smile:

Congratulations man, make sure to play with it all day and when the sun sets tuck it in so it can have good dreams.
Also, post up a review in a week or 2.