PerfectStar by YYR - Bud's 1st Impressions

Here are my initial impressions of the PerfectStar (not my final impressions - certainly not my review):

First, a photo for reference:

Now, I’ll set up a fair analogy: I think it would be inaccurate to say, categorically, that the Acrophobia plays exactly like a Blink, only bigger in the hand. Yet, there is a degree of general truth to the proposition. The Blink and the Acrophobia do play similarly - and the Acro certainly is bigger.

Analogy: In my opinion, the PerfectStar plays much like I believe an enlarged E=MC2 would play. But (and this is a BIG “but”) the PerfectStar has better stability. The PerfectStar’s rim weight distribution is not proportionally identical to that of the E=MC2, despite their strikingly similar shapes. Thus, the PerfectStar is not an expanded E=MC2. Who knows how engineers think, when they design fine yoyos. In the case of the PerfectStar, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that YYR based the initial design on that of an enlarged E=MC2, and then carefully adjusted the rim weight’s relative magnitude and position - until stability was clearly improved.

Caveat: I’ve only played with my PerfectStar for an hour. Also, note, I am a huge fan of the E=MC2.

Initial Result (so far): The PerfectStar is a FREAKIN’ PLEASURE to throw. Just wonderful. I like it as much as my Sleipnirs and Positrons. I very strongly recommend that you acquire a PerfectStar if and when you can. You’ll be seriously glad you did. It feels great in the hand, and plays fantastically.

I’ll try to follow up with more detailed and complete observations later.



I’m so excited to pick one up!

Thanks for sharing Bud. I especially appreciate having the comparison picture.

Just from the specs of the PerfectStar and the solo pictures I’ve seen, it definitely seemed ‘comparable’ to an Acro or E=mc2. Seeing this picture gives me a much better idea of how the weight is truly distributed. Thanks!

Heath’s initial impression= DANG thats wide!!!

Heath’s following reaction=…OOOOOOHHHHHHH


Back to work, ya Slacker!

sorry to interrupt Mr. “YYR” :stuck_out_tongue:

just remember who started collecting these things in the USA…

love ya man ;D

You introduced me to YYR , amigo!

Haha I’m actually really wanting an Acro right now :stuck_out_tongue: