Perfect Fit Vs. Element

Now, Perfect fit and Element have the same blends, but they are definitely not the same, or better then each other.  I am going to be talking about the differences

Now both of them take some breaking in before they get good and can be really rough at the start.  But after that, they are the best strings ever!

Perfect Fit

First Impressions:
When I first got this(thanks to Samad) I thought, feels like any homemade string, rough and keeps neutral tension for a while.  But after I broke it in I started noticing changes.  It got alot slicker and heavier and It feels like a pretty firm string. Good whips, and it keeps neutral tension for a long time and it never gets to much tension

Cons: Now the cons to this string are that It stays pretty rough. When the string is rough it can get caught on other string while doing tricks like, Green triangle and wrist mount.

Element String

First Impressions
When I first got this string it was REALLY rough, I couldnt stand it so I put it away for a while, then I got home from the Kite shop and played with it for a while. After it broke in it was the best string I had played in a while. Great whips, slack, and keeps good tension. Im still using it =P 3days of play. It  doesn’t really fray, it just gets kinda fuzzy.

I dont really like how it’s rough in the beginning. It is a little thick (not much of a bother). Stiff in the beginning.

Final Thoughts on Perfect Fit:
Its a great string and really recommend it for players who want good slacks and whips. Great color combos.

Final Thoughts on Element:
I like it alot. I definitely recommend it for all players. I will definitely want more in the future.

Not a great review but i thought it would be cool to compare. If this wasnt good here is my video review.

Nice review! Only two minor grammatical errors that I see. I’m sure those are typing errors. ;D

Good string review!

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It is supposed to be a new generation of review rating. Just posting in paragraphs, not in 10/10 rates.

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Nice review!

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Nice review.

If you rate something with a scale (10/10), you’d think that you are making a really precise picture of the object. But you are actually showing your own biased opinion, which should be held out of any review. Reviews are meant to be anything but biased.

Addment: I will make a post/guide on this.