element strings, The next sweet string?


I got a element string and I wanted to share what I thought.

First impression: I thought that they felt a little rough, but they looked like they would be ok.

string play: They are a little rough on your hands for string tricks but they gladly welcome string tricks.

slacks/suicides: This is where it makes up for the rough feel. I could do suicides all day with this string,and slacks are surely welcome here. These last long too, so you dont have to worry about changing your string every day either.

tension; you probably won’t have to adjust your tension with these strings for a while because the string just never has bad tension. It is wierd. I have never felt a string like this and I like it.

Overall: If you love slack tricks, then you will love these strings, If you just like all around play, then I would suggest trying these strings too. They really are a diffrent feel.

These strings are made by gm user.

here is a video of me using the string.


(Johnny T) #2

Nice review. Pretty much explains how good these strings are. Overall, pretty good. ;D


I just thought I’d throw this out there, but neither Samad or I liked these strings. I suppose that doesn’t mean you can’t, though.


Glad you like them!

Those had a small defect I worked out, the new versions are a bit better, but it’s all preference, of course.


I see. May I try one of these new versions? :slight_smile:

Also, what exactly was the “defect”?


The defect was that thay weren’t twisted tight enough, I make them in a secret way (not telling :-X) and if I don’t twist enough, they turn out horible. :stuck_out_tongue: I found out the right time to twist them and made my equipment solid so they don’t accedently un-twist.

PM me about trying some Kim.

(Johnny T) #7

Aww…I never even tried the defect or the new versions… :-[

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

Mine broke the first day :[

(Shisaki) #9

Mine are going strong after 5 hours of play O.o Review comiong soon!!