Element strings review

'Ello guys once again for my 4th review and 3rd review on strings. This time I’m reviewing ELEMENT STRINGS!!! Made by our very own GM User :D. So I asked if I could test some strings and he said I could becuz I’m so awesome and better then you (jk). After he sent them I wasn’t anxious like i’m always for some reason ???. I waited 4 days and I finally found them in my mailbox and i also found some bills for mom ;D. After I opened my package I found 1 green/black string, 2 white strings, 1 black/white string, and 1 light blue/yellow/black/megenta string (quad toned :P). The first thing I noticed is it smelled like medicine :o (ewwww…medicine) and the 2nd thing I noticed is these are rough, but not as rough as another 80/20 poleyester and nylon string cough PF cough so I was thinking I would absolutely hate these strings. Turns out I dont! These are actually really nice strings! Onto ratings!!!

Smell: 2/10
Whips: 9/10
Suicides: 10/10
String layers: 10/10
1337 string tricks: 10/10

I just had to rate the smell cuz it really smelled like this medicine from china my parents have :P. Not the best smelling medicine but helps stomach aches. The whips are like AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I hit them most of the time with this string, not as good as SSE i’m sorry to say, but still better then other strings like highlites. The suicide really surprised me. It looks like the loop is all twisted so you cant put your finger in and catch it but its like all weird and opens up near the end when you put your finger in. It like knows when to open up. I succesfully landed 8 suicides in a row with these strings! I loved how these play with string layers, it doesn’t snag on this trick I made up when most of the time it bites at my hand. Its unresponsive btu ther binds DONT slip! I love these strings!! The string tricks are really good. It goes fast, not as fast as others, but still, really fast and never gives you string burn. The cool things about these string is if you do a whipping motion with them you can hear it slice through the air! I did that for 30 minutes for fun ::). The only problem i have is I dont think these string will soften up to a point where its like SSE or Intentus cuz I played it for 2 days and it still is kinda rough. All in all these are good strings, rough, but really good string! PM GM User is ya want some. $3.00 for 5 I think. That ends my review for yet another good string! Thank you for reading this and good bye!!!

Nice review, I don’t really think they smell bad, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

after years with chinese medicine i shouldn’t mind and i sont really, i’m just saying :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can you buy element strings?

send a pm to Paolo

Nice reveiw. Elements FOREVER!!! :o