Element Strings


This is a review for the up-and-coming Element String by GM User!

I will break this review down into a few different sections:

  1. Appearance
  2. Feel
  3. Play

Appearance 5/5
Opening the package, I was greeted by simply awesome colors. Multiple colored strings are nothing new, but the combinations are very unique. You will not be dissappointed by any of the color combinations that are shipped!

Feel 4.5/5
When this stuff is fresh, it feels a lot like hemp. It’s somewhat stiff and rough at first, but it softens up very quick. It just glides accross your fingers with barely any friction but I always knew right where it was on my hand. I honestly can’t believe how soft it gets after it’s broken in.

Play 4.5/5
Looks and feel are all well and good, but how a string plays is what’s really important. Element strings are absolutely the BEST strings I have ever played with. They just match my play style to a ‘T’ and are very predictable. The binds are smooth and tight even at low RPM’s. and I only managed to get tangled once (It was my fault, I was trying to get a nasty knot) regardless of my many attempts. Slacks are where this stuff shines! It holds a loop like it’s cemented in, and the string doesn’t dig into your finger when you land tricks.

Impressions After 13 Hours of Play:
Element Strings continued to perform for a VERY long time! I am truly impressed with the longevity they offer. The string begins to smooth out as you play with it and stays the same once it breaks in. They’re is very little reduction in bounce as you play until a few days in. Even as it starts to need to be replaced it still plays remarkably well.

Most strings I just throw away after they wear down but I have been keeping these as extras. Even completely worn out they have some value to them!

Thank you gm user for bringing such a great string to the market!

Terrific review! I’ve head they’re really good. :wink:

Great review, that sounds cool how it softens up quickly! It seems like everyone who bought some Element strings are not dissapointed! (GMstrings sounds like a good catchy name, but yeah, Element strings sound even better!)

Now I want to try some. lol :slight_smile:

Same here. ;D. Nice review.

Nice review ;D Man all the reviews about GM’s strings are making me want them. GM, do you think there is any way for me to buy them from singapore :’(

Btw, did they smell like medicine? (Shisaki’s review)

I wish I could have played with mine more.
It broke the first day. :[

Really? I’ve been trying to get this stuff to break since yesterday and it wont even fray!

And it didn’t really smell like anything to be honest.

I’m not sure, I could try, but I have no idea how many postage stamps I’ll have to put on the envelope. :stuck_out_tongue:
I PM’ed you, I’ll try to work something out, you might be able to get them. :slight_smile:

BUMP, updated.