Element String now for sale!

Well, I have finally Made a choice, I will indeed sell Element Strings. Now, I will of course do give-aways, those will always be done. Now, what is Element String?

Element Strings are 80% polyester/ 20% nylon, If you fell this is a copy of Perfect Fit String, wait until you get some… These are like a sofer version of Perfect Fit String, almost like it is broken in “out of the box”. Or out of the string factory. :stuck_out_tongue: Now, how do I buy these?

Well, you PM me saying you want t get Element Strings, and the rest will be explained from there.

These strings will come in completly random colors, all look great! If you are worried about getting colors you do not like, tell me some of your favorite colors, you wont be disapointed! They will only be available in 5-Packs, each for $3.00. I’m going to make that the maximun limit for now.

There are a few down-sides to the string though. Not the play at all, but how you buy them. You will have to send cash or money order. No PayPal, sorry! So, PM me if you are interested and we con make the deal.

PM away!

I’ll be sure to try some the next time I need to order string but could you have some testers to put up some reviews?

Testers coming soon!

I’ll be happy to test them if you want. I always right positive reviews.

That would be a bad thing. I think the creator would want you to point out the flaws, not just say “OMG TIS IS TEH BEST STRING EVAAAAR@!!!11ONE!” :stuck_out_tongue:

lol good point

I’ll test. As you can see from my past reviews, I have a very balanced opinion where I point out things that could improve.

PS- You should send some to Dr. YoYo

Like quote, “ZOMG THIS STRING HAZ A POW3R L3V3L O/3R 9000!!!”
No flaws there eh?

Everyone, I have had many requests on testers, most of them I will not exept, I will ask people if they would like to test. Please stop asking. So far the people who I want to test them are yocrazygoofy, dryoyo, and Kim-Lan.