Perfect Fit String Review - Who knew Poly and Nylon together was so good?

Perfect Fit String: Made for your throwing Pleasure. Indeed it is!

This is the review for the yoyo string made by Jeromy Kasner. This is my personal favorite string, and honestly, the colors are so pretty ;D

How it started:
One day I was inncoently checking my Personal Messages, and I see one from ape7566 (Jeromy) and it says:
I’m thinking about marketing a string that I came up with and was wondering if you would demo it and tell me what you think ??? If you would let me know thanks.

I was thinking “Heck Yes!” As I love anything free, we talked it over a little bit, and a week later in the mail came the string. I ripped the package open to see the colors, detail, feel, etc. My emotions only portrayed one thing - Excitement and awe! I was extremely eager to try these, so I took a string and wrapped it around my M1. I read the e inside, and it basically said that there were two blends - 40% Nylon and 60% Polyester, and 20% Nylon and 80% Polyester

First Impressions:
When I saw this, I knew it was the real deal. This string isnt simply a kid in his garage twisting thread, this is professionally made string! So I put a 40/60 Black colored one on my M1, and it was very stiff. I decided to break it in. After a few days, finally, I hit that soft spot, but I decided I didnt like it for 1a. So I attached it to a counterweight and out it on my DM. I finally found my 5a string! But still, to this day, I don’t use my 40/60’s anymore.


As I said before, this string is very stiff at first. Don’t worry about this,

Share to send some? Lol. I hope he makes a store, i would love to buy some. I’m running low on some string. Look at that!

Thanks for the plug Samad. ;D

ape7566, are you going to make a store? I will buy some from you.

That is so cool! I wish I could make my own string like that!!

(I used to be littleyoyo12)


I will finish the review this weekend. I have saturday school for 4 hours, so during then, I will work on a lot of reviews :smiley:

If I may be so bold as to ask, why do you have Saturday school? At my school the only reason to have it is because you did something really bad. ???

If you don’t want to answer that is fine, that is your buisness anyway

Wait…I think Samad has a detention. :o

Happy Throwing! =]

Nope - Saturday School, even worse :frowning:

What could you have possibley done to get this punishment?

I’m going to work on a site soon, it will take a little time to get things together. I’m just starting and dont want to grow to fast. I’m just a guy that loves yoyoing and loves to make a good string to play with. I have never liked the slick 6 or cotton or even 100% ploy, so I came up with what I like and want to share it with others.

I’d buy it!

I’m with you. Right now my favorite string is Chaos String. Right now i have no money wlel only $3.00 but i need that for my thin dif pads.