Perfect Fit Strings Review

Hello everyone,
I just want to start off this review by saying thank you to Ape7566 for selecting me to be a tester. And to let everyone know this is my first string review, so I’ll try to be thorough. I’ve used many strings before like; G-Strings (3 different kinds), Alchemy Strings, Chaos Strings, Gnostic Cables, Angel Hair Strings, YYN Highlites, Brazilian Mondo’s, and some other random blends sent to me by others. So, like all review’s, this is just personal opinion, but it is personal opinion based on experience.

    First off, when I got the package in the mail, I was very excited to open it. I love supporting my local YYE members. I would be happy to buy from someone who does something for the love of the sport, not just to make a buck.  I had high hopes for these strings, and right off the bat, I was pleased. When I opened the little manila envelope, I was greeted my a plethora of different color strings, mostly green since that's what I told Jeromy I liked. There was also a "Glow in the Dark" string thrown in. (coolest thing ever) There was a little note inside thanking me for testing these out, and it had a few words of advice. The line I'm gonna quote here is because it's the line that holds true for these little beauties..."Show these strings some love, and they'll show you some love back." Ohh how true!! Read on....

   I started by selecting a green (obviously) and ran my fingers up and down it a bit to get a feel for it. It's a lot like Angel Hair in the feel, stiff at first. I had to admit, I was kinda worried at that point, because I like strings that break in fast, and are softer to the touch. I was afraid that my finger's would pay the price for this review. But, that just wasn't the case. Although they were a little rough at first, they are smooth enough with the kind of twist Jeromy uses to not induce string burn. I was pleasantly surprised. I was informed he uses a 20/80 Nylon/Poly blend. I liked it. It was a good blend, good tension, with soft enough feel not to wreak havoc on your poor little overworked fingers. So I grabbed my new Spyy Pistolero and put these babies to the test.

So, onto the throw. First thing I noticed on my throw is that when I went to bind, it was a little rough. This is because of the initial stiffness of the string. The binds either we loose, or snapped back, and not in a smooth way. But back to the phrase I quoted earlier, "show some love," so I kept on playing on my Pistolero for about another 20  minutes. In that time I noticed a pleasant change in the string. It was getting broke in nice. Becoming softer, but yet still holding good tension. So I decided to switch the same string over to my M1.  I threw in a few slack tricks to test the playability. This is where it's a kinda good, kinda bad point in my review. While did hold tension great, there was a need to keep unwinding it every couple of minutes. Because of the tension and blend, after about 20 or so throws (knowing it tightens a half turn every throw for righties) on slack tricks, it would wind itself around preventing good open loops. This did get better though with time. I continued to play it for about another half hour on my M1, and I finally started feeling the love. 

Next, string tricks. The twist of the string is nice and thin. Along the lines of YYN Highlights. This is great for multiple layered string tricks. The string has a good "flow" to it. The yoyo itself glide across the string's with ease, and show's no signs of snagging. It is now the next day, and I receive another pleasant surprise in the mail. My DNA 888, and my Rim Dipped Skyline. So I immediately cleaned the bearing in my DNA, and threw on my broken in PF String. This is where this becomes a sappy love story. First thing I threw was a trapezed, then flipped it to a double on trapeze, then yet again to a triple on trapeze. And yes, finally onto a quadruple trapeze, and was able to roll out of it with no problem. That speak's highly of the size and feel of this string. Chaos string for example is much softer, but thicker as well, especially after a day or so of play. By the time I would have gotten to the triple, the combined amount of string in the gap woulda started to slow down the spin tremendously.  These PF Strings didn't. Fantastic. Also, they didn't frey up very bad, or become bloated from overuse like is the case with so many others. The love starts to blossom a bit more....

This section is not for the weak of heart, it contain graphic expressions of love for one's string. Kid's TURN AWAY NOW! 

Now, last but not least the Suicide test. Just a quick confession....I am not the best at these, I average about a 25% throw to catch ratio. So, with the string  still attached to my new DNA,  I decide to give a few regular suicides from trapeze a whirl. First look at that, the loop was huge, I could stick my whole hand in that thing. Nice, first time's a that how it goes? Nah!....can't be. So I throw a second.....perfect, right on my finger and plenty of spin to continue on any combo I chose. So, what did I chose to do you ask. Easy, to just keep on throwing these darn suicides till I miss. Third try...another catch thanks to a big loop. Fourth.....what the?!? I caught it again!  Well by the fifth consecutive throw and catch of the suicides, I pretty much just figured I would be throwing these thing's untill I ran out of spin. So I stopped.  Omg was that just five in a row....I FREAKIN LOVE THIS PERFECT FIT STRING!!  <------Yeah, that was my gratuitous love blabbering, not as bad as I said, but you get the drift. So now over the next couple of minutes I land a chopsticks suicide for the first time, and a 1.5 mount suicide. It's at this point I just stop. I have been struck by the "I need to praise these strings to anyone who'll listen on the internet bug."  If you've never been bitten by this thing, watch out, it doesn't bite often. 

Final thoughts: Will you love this string right off the bat? Maybe, maybe not. I know I didn't. But, if you stick with em for a bit, they will do anything, and be comparable to anything that's out there on the market today. This string is an excellent value for the length of time it lasts. I've been using mine now for 3 straight days of play, with no signs of slowing down, and I am very very picky about the feel of my string. I go through G-String's about every 2-3 days. And if you've ever bought them, you know how pricey they are. But with the playability and longevity of the Perfect Fit String, by our own ape7566, I have found my new string. Take my advice or don't, agree with my opinions or not, you owe it to yourself to try out this string and see if it's a love connection.

 Thank you for reading this review, and thanks again Jeromy for the fantastic product.
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Wow! great review.

good review!!! ;D

nice review
I got to get some of these strings

Amazing! I hope Jeromy can get more sales. Spread the love :smiley:

I have mine written on paper…now I need to type it. But I’m so lazy! :stuck_out_tongue:

great review!

Shoot, Samad…your too lazy? At least you wrote yours down on paper and planned it out. I am WAY to lazy to actually write anything lol. I just sat down and started typing. To me, writing is 10 times more work than typing lol. So I say no sir your not lazy, just a procrastinator! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I so agree
tiping is way easier than writing IMO
whenever I write a review on something I just sit down and start tiping

Awesome review! I just bought some from Ape756 and I have to agree that you need to show the string some love before it loves you back :wink:

Glad to see you loved them enough to love you back. They do take a little time to break in but so does a girl friend or a wife LOL (my wife is sitting next to me) :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the positve feedback guys. But please make sure you answer the poll question if you don’t mind. :wink:

Haha, I dont think you guys understand. In 7th period, I didnt have any work to do, so I just completed the review on paper.

Don’t want to hijack your thread OS, but, I just wanted to leave this here.

It sounds very good. Now I want some, but I can’t find it from YYE. Do you know where to get it?

Samad, you did the right thing. Typing takes too long. You should write it out, then take a picture and upload it onto the computer.

Man your review is great

Send a PM to ape7566, or if you are interested, he will contact you :wink: The string is a good amount, for a cheap price, and it lasts very long. My review is coming today, but I just woke up, so I need to eat breakfast and do my chores :wink: