PF string

So this is my first review, hope it’s good.

When I heard about Perfect Fit string I was like “another person trying to make a good string but epicly fails” (no offense Jeromy) but when I heard some good reviews from Samad and DocRobot I decided to try it out because I was on my quest for the perfect string (lol perfect string perfect fit). So after about a week I found a small package in my mailbox (well mainly our families) and I opened it up, I get too exited when i see a package. I was like a little kid when i saw the color of the strings, very vibrant. When I felt it I was scared bacause it was too stiff for my liking so I thought I wasted my money on the string. And by the way its 80/20 poleyester and nylon. On to the throw. I can sum it up in 1 word. AMAZING. It’s the perfect string I’ve been looking for. It’s like god shined his light on Jeromy and this is his work. I always start my throws with a trapeze when I get a new string on my yoyo and I was surprised at how smooth it is even on the first throw. I did up to a triple on trapeze and it doesn’t snap back at you, It didn’t even really slow down the yoyo that much! Then i throw my yoyo as hard as I could to see how long it spun for and it was my first 1 min. sleeper so i was bursting with happiness by then. After about 2o min. of yoyoing it started to soften up a bit more to my liking. Thats about how long I’ve been playing with it right now so I have nothing more to say exept BUY THIS STRING!! ITS CHEAP AND HAS AMAZING COLORS! (glow in the dark ;D) Thank you for reading my review :).

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PFS <3

Forgot to add on the review that the binds have this nice feeling like when you release the finger from the bind it has this kind of bounce and isn’t like snapping back at you hand. It’s kinda hard to tell but you gotta buy it to experience it.