Perfect Fit String - A Review

Allow me to preface this by saying that I’m the absolute worst choice you can make when looking for a string review. I’m as critical of my string choice as I am racing tires, computers, or women. Please bear this in mind…

So, a few days back my package of Perfect Fit String arrives in the post, addressed to DocRobot, complete with an apology for not knowing my real name. :wink:

I tear it open, read the typed letter, and stare curiously at the satchel the string as been packaged in. With raised eyebrow I look suspiciously at the bag, and my wife exclaims…

“How precious! It’s got white ribbon!”

I promptly flex and holler, returning the appropriate level of masculinity to the room, and start to string up.

No dice. Gotta give it the chop first. This stuff is long, real long. Whether you’re 4’9" or Manute Bol, this stuff will be the right length for you. Bonus points.

One of the very first things I checked was the string feel itself. Stiff. And a tactile feel very akin to Slick 6. Not quite as rigid as Angel Hair, but certainly not as floppy as Alchemy. It has to be said that you’re a starter, you can expect some string burn until this stuff breaks in. I didn’t actually have this issue, but I can see where some would.

On the sleep, this stuff delivers. Consistently. Freshly attached to the yo, if you throw with any authority at all the feeling will be quite akin to throwing a bullet straight at the ground. I had a stock SPEC bearing in an ‘09 888 actually start screaming from a strong throw. You know the noise, the one that can almost cut glass? The one that lets you know you’re looking at a couple minutes’ worth of sleep time? Yeah, it made that noise. No disappointment there.

The note the string came with stated that a break-in period was necessary. With that in mind, I put it through it’s paces. I have to say, I actually prefer this stuff fresh. Straight outta the bag, you’ve got a strong sleep, a good resistance to twisting, slack galore, and an ability to never miss a Suicide. You can’t beat this with a stick, and I can’t express how surprised I was with this.

About ten minutes in, I started getting some “fray” visible on the string, some bind slippage, and less resistance to twist. Still performing real strong, though.

About an hour and a half in, I’m losing bounce, and the string looks like a longhair cattail that you’ve rubbed with a balloon, a throwback to 6th Grade science class adventures in static electricity. We’re at the point now where I’m changing it out to start the process over again.

Even at it’s worst, this stuff hold up decidedly well. It’s going to go ugly on you, but keep on throwing. I was amazed at what it was capable of even when it appeared to be on the verge of snapping. That being said, don’t expect the same longevity that certain other brands have. You’re not going to able to toss one on and forget about it for weeks on end. You can’t do that with Slick 6, 100P, or Highlights, either, and none of the aforementioned are going to give you anywhere near the same level of performance this stuff does.

But can it compete?

That’s a tough one. You’ve got some real winners out there that consistently dominate the market. gString and Highlights are two that come to mind. It’s my honest opinion that this stuff could hang right up there with them. Personally, the only thing I’d like to see is a solution to the quick fraying. I think if that could be handled this stuff would sell itself.

There is certainly a market for this style of string, and Mr. Kasner seems to have it’s creation well in hand.

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Nice and honest review. I have never seen the cause of early fraying come up in any other reviews of this string.

I know, this actually worries me a bit.

What am I doing that other people aren’t?

Great review. I am surprised though, a lot of things that are happening to you dont happen to me as the strings life-span progresses. Review coming soon!

       LOL!! I'm still laughing after trhe review...

Yeah, I don’t know why the fraying is either. I go through Intentus G-String in 2-3 days, and that now how long I’ve had the PF String on my DNA, and it’s still doing ok.

Well very good review, you led me to buy some PF string. I don’t think ur doing anything wrong because my string is already fraying too.

Was there a reason to bring this back?
I know it doesnt matter too much since its a review, but why?

Get over it. He just provided info about his string. Its a review. The reason is, is because he wanted to provide info!

Thanks samad :slight_smile:

reviews are just opinions

This is like a month old thread os plz dont post here and bump it backup.

Why not? It’s a review, and people should read it. Even if its old, its still a review, and reviews don’t deserve to be killed just because they’re old :cry:

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Yea but there are plenty of other rewiews too. But who am I to say this…who cares…

Nice review.

I’m sorry Jeremy but I dont get the love i used to get from these string anymore, I think G-string just converted me into softness :-\