Perfect Fit string review

Okie… I tried out some perfect fit string, heres my review

It was very quick. Jeromy said he sent it last thursday and I got it that saturday…

My mom walks in and hands me one of those bubble wrap envelopes (its a 4in x 7in to be exact)
and of course the first thing I do is pop some bubbles. So time for business. I remove the slick six from my Dark Magic and toss it. I rip open the package and pull out a neatly folded typed letter and a small white mesh bag with a small white ribbon draw-string. I’d have paid more attention to the bag but I was stunned by the barrage of color… Man that stuff is bright. I pull open the bag and remove the contents (One Electric Green, one Electric Pink, one “Construction” <Electric Orange+ Electric Green, which is in my DM now> two glow in the dark and one unnamed which is my favorite <It was like blue and green and I think its my cat’s now>)

I’ve read some reviews and heard this was stiff but I wasn’t prepared for it. It really was stiff. And long, it was nice, Im pretty tall so it was cool to have some long string. I used the unnamed one.

First thoughts…

It looks alot cooler than white string…
Hmm the slipknot holds well for new string. Normally it loosens alot.

First throw

Wow… That throw sucked (Bind and catch) Man what a nice bind. And thats for real… I mean this string gave real tight binds, with the 50/50 I had so much bind slippage. I was kind of worried I was going to cut my fingers off with this string but it was fine. And I was worried about the stiff ness but I liked it. It held a good tension for a long time. And normaly I can catch suicides in the loops because I can never get a decent tension and the string twists up and I just catch it. (Its still impressive to non-yoyoers) I caught it in the loop every time. It was so nice. I fell in love (Insert corny Phil Collins rock/love song here)

After about ten minutes the stiffness was gone but It still gave great binds and still held tension well

After an hour or two I noticed the fraying every one talks about, no biggy it plays awsome. Then the problems hit…

Binds started to slip. I wanted to cry. It still played great but I couldn’t do the lazy loose binds anymore. So I changed it out (Kept the string because its still usable and looks sweeet!) and the same thing.

But it still wasn’t as bad as slick 6…

Even through these minor problems I love perfect fit and probably will be a customer of Jeromy’s for ever… Thank Jeromy!!!

Bonus: Man glow in the dark string is soo cool… Be warned, just because you can see the string doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see the yoyo. ouch… I had more body hits than string hits!

Nice review.

Do you know where to buy perfect fit string? ???

PM Jeromy Kasner

Here is his account:;u=262

Nice review!

That was a good review. You really let us now how the string held up after different amounts of time, and how the different colours look.

Great review very helpful!