Perfect Fit String.


Well, at DXL I bought Samad’s Mighty Flea, it came with 5 Perfect Fit Strings. They weren’t glow-in-the-dark, as I had before. My point; the-glow-in-the-dark Perfect Fit strings are not the same as regular Perfect Fit Strings (Not glow-in-the-dark.). Well, at least in my expirience. The Glowing Perfect Fits cause early fraying, and better lacerations (Again, in my expirience.). The Regular is still great at lacerations, but they don’t fray as early. I am not sure if this is happening to everybody, though. If it is, then I guess it is something about the glowing string that causes early fraying. I just thought I would let you know, and ask if this is happening to other people, is it? ???

(Jamesofyoyo) #2

Luckly I dont have any fleas. (Im afraid of flea bites) lol!

back on track: I’ve heard of the flea string breakage a lot from people.


That wasn’t really my point…

(Shisaki) #4

I see that glow in the dark tends to fray in big groups not just single or double strands. I also see that its more rough and harder to keep a loop for your finger. I still like it but it hits me in the head when I yoyo in the dark :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeromy K.) #5

When I use them they last a shorter time, for two reasons the grade of poly is sub par for the cost (Glow in the dark string is craze expensive)the only way to pay costs of meterial is to buy in bulk and it is tough to find a good grade of thread that glows for a decient price, and it is just for looks not really for function. I think they get to dirty to quickly I don’t use them. As for regular PFS they last me about a week and I change them when they frey a little to much for me, I have never had one break on me yet(fingers crossed) but then again I don’t play as much as most do.