So earlier today, my band had a gig at Artsplosure, an arts festival in my area. When I finished, and got offstage, I heard someone saying my name. It was a fellow yoyoer forum member and NNCYYA member. I was very surprised as I had not told him I was playing there. He told me he just missed my band, and only heard the last part of our closing song. He pulled a Higby painted OG Dark Magic from his backpack and showed it to me. I looked at it. It was awesome.

Now, what do you think the odds of that happening are? Definitely very high. Next time you are in public, look around. Think to yourself, “Any one of them could be a thrower,” and just throw. Most people will love it, some people will hate on you, and you may even find another thrower!

Ive been throwing out in pulc wheneverin hopes of finding another thrower ever since encountered a yoyoer at a bowling alley a few weeks ago.

I gotta see this throw :o

Can’t say I’ve ever met anyone whilst throwing in public however

Bet it was the flaming wizard one that was on ebay :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably. I tried to get the yoyo hand Hitman, but someone outbid me with 5 seconds to go…sigh…

I can’t believe I missed that one. :’(

edit: Just saw it. Very nice :slight_smile:

I throw in public all the time, every once in a while I get someone who throws. It’s a really nice time when you meet a fellow thrower because it’s almost become a staple in every thrower’s life to have an account on yoyoexpert or YYN for the older ones.