Dork alert!!!

I had a dork moment when I was walking into Starbucks last week and I saw 3 people with yoyos. I ran up to them yelling YOYOS!!!

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone throwing in public not in a contest.

Good times!

like, where they acutally doing string stricks, or just like, gravity pulls and stuff

More intermediate stuff.

I love when you see someone with a yoyo and basically no matter who they are you become instant buddies.

Yeah good point Trace

I was doing stuff, and my kids say I’m a dork. Like I care.

They said it wasn’t cool unless I could do some 5A stuff. So I learned some 5A stuff.

Now I’m a dork who can do a few 5A tricks. Progress!

I always have my DM2 on a holder hanging off a belt loop. I “show my colors”!

Yeah, I need to represent too!

BTW Chris, it was great hanging out with you at Cal-States!


I’ve been awarded the job for BAC too. Feel like heading to SF in May?

Sounds like a plan to me!!!

Same here, I was Dj’ing at Planet Hollywood and a kid had a yoyo on him. I showed him mine on my belt and I guess he just bought one and didn’t know how to play it yet and was leaving and didn’t speak english. So my excitement faded fairly quickly but it was cool. I think as it continues to grow and it is growing! It is going to be even more exciting seeing people in public and just throwing in general.

I’ll be there as a spectator. Looking forward to hopefully meet other yoyoers, perhaps some locals.

Still have yet to come across a yoyoer in public with the exception of random kids dangerously swinging their proyo around.

I still haven’t come across another yoyoer in public but hope too someday!

I have always been waiting for someone in public to see me throwing and ask, “Is that an Avalanche?”

Swing by the big audio desk, I should be there! I’ll be easy to spot, my shirt, hat and belt all have my logo on it!

Hey Man I had this same experience the other day there were 3 of us hanging out playing yoyos and some dork came running up out of nowhere…lol

I think that may have been me my brother and girlfriend…in Sonora?

Ahhh, I remember that’s how I met both of my best friends. One didn’t yoyo yet, and I could only do forward pass, trapeze, and power throws at the time, and he saw so he also got into yoyoing, and now both of us can do master tricks. Then the other one didn’t start of so smoothly. I had a friend tell me that their friend (who didn’t know I existed) said I couldn’t yoyo for my life, when I was the best at my school lol.

I live on being dorky/nerdy! I’m the guy with the Donkey Kong hoodie, glasses and a yoyo, and I’m pretty proud of it too.

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Hahaha right on bro! :DDD For me instead I got the Epic Mickey t-shirt on and a yoyo :stuck_out_tongue: and if I continue to use computers so much I’ll prob. end up with glasses someday too xD

Getting the glasses was one of the biggest changes in my life seeing as I got them one year too late. I first noticed that my vision was bad when me and my younger sister had a “who can read road signs fastest” competetion, and she would beat me by several seconds for each sign. Getting an optical test done is pretty cheap, and it can spare you of som much trouble. I greatly reduced my mind of health problems since I started wearing glasses.

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