PENDING Two SUPER RARE Jason Wong Ano Jobs-General Yo and Spyy



Alright guys, you better come hard at these. Up for grabs are two custom Ano’d yoyos from the Retired(kinda) Master Jason Wong. His work is getting harder and harder to find, If you want these, you better jump on it.

For Sale only. Do NOT come at me with trade offers unless it involved an Anglam or Aman KLR.

Both Yoyos are up for offer. I will take offers for a few days, but I’m expecting these to be pretty popular so don’t lowball me on these.

Paypal Only

1.) Jason Wong Ano’d SPYY Pro

This yoyo is mint, has an aggresive bead blast that grinds very well, and is Skittles on Clear. The catch is masked so it doesn’t eat strings. This is the Retired special with Jason not doing Customs and Spyy going out of business. My wife calls this the Lisa Frank yoyo lol.

2.) Jason Wong Ano’d General Yo Torrent 2

This yoyo is fantastic. Polished to a shine before anodized, this yoyo’s colors really pop. Kind of a weird, drippy skittles pattern, The fade that Jason did is so seemless and so cool. This is the flat out best looking spinning yoyo that I’ve ever seen. Turns the coolest colors. Beautiful Ano work with fantastic General Yo Craftmanship. Buy this before I change my mind.


I just chocked on my own tongue.


I’m pretty sure the name of the blast on the spyy is called a Galaxy Blast, if anybody cared. Id buy it if I could…

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