Awesome loaded skittles, Monkeyfinger, General Yo, and more!

Getting stationed overseas soon and I can’t take it all with me. Moving some stuff and am mainly looking for cash unless you have a 2014 USA Genesis, a Forte, or a 7075 King/Queen. Some of these yoyos are VERY rare, so please keep lowballs to a minimum. Trade offers probably won’t do it for most of this.
Paypal Only, USA Preferred.
All prices are shipped.
Whats left.
Square Wheels Rex - $60GONE!!!
Jason Wong Loaded Crucial - $135
Monkeyfinger Ape-X Team edition - $85
YYF blasted Shutter - $30
General Yo James Reed Edition Amplitude - $90

Jason Wong Loaded Crucial- $135
Jason did two of these for a contest back in the day, beautiful skittles colorway, one of the best I’ve seen him do. Jason’s stuff is getting increasingly harder to find, jump on this before I change my mind.

Monkeyfinger Ape-x - $85
Team edition colorway, very rare. This is the same yoyo Chris used for the Highspeedyoyo review. Great, fun organic.

Yoyofactory Shutter - $30
Best budget metal on the market, by far. GREAT YOYO.

General Yo Amplitude - $90
James Reed edition straight from Ernie, great yoyo, just doesn’t hit my current preferences.


It’s been a while, but I’m on the hunt for certain yoyos. Are the ones not crossed out still available?