Loaded BST: Looking for Papier Mache, rare FHZ, C3 Halo, Duncan AL.

Sorry, I don’t take custom anodizing orders!

Please do not offer me a trade that is not on my wants list!

I primarily want to sell, not trade. The following wants are the only exceptions. I’m only interested in perfectly mint and smooth yoyos unless it is old or vintage or noted below.

All prices include shipping with delivery confirmation within the US. Add $5-10 for international shipping without tracking number or insurance. Paypal, prices are net to me.


  • Rare No-Jives (Rainbow laminate, other laminates, rare engraveds, SF era)
  • Other cool TKs (Cool RD1s, RD2s, Mini, Junior, etc.)
  • CLYW Peaks
  • Rare Duncan FHZs (Transitionals, Duncan Equals Love, Enyos, Higbys, Samurai)
  • YYJ Night Moves 6 (Japan pre-release version)
  • YYJ Nickel plated Phenom
  • Spyy Punchline Repeater (Gold Guy Wright edition only)
  • Rare BIST mods
  • Rare prototype yoyos (maybe… depends on proto)
  • C3 Halo (Red or Pink hub. Will consider non-mint.)
  • RecRev Papier Mache (Will consider non-mint)
  • Duncan AL (Red, maybe blue, will consider non-mint)
  • Duncan Freebird (white body only, will consider non-mint)
  • Werrd Pacquiao (Green or Gold)


========== For Sale or Trade ==========

Werrd Irony First Run: $85
Mint with box, unplayed.

HSPIN Cut: $45
Nearmint, very very tiny marks/nicks.

Crucial Confection: $55
Anodized by Spotted Banana, Nearmint, light nicks under ano

TenYoYo Wet Whistle: $75
Mint, need to look for box.

STYY Remnant: $60

STYY Remnant 2: $60

C3 Darkstar: $65
Mint with box. Very smooth.

YYJ Phenomizm: $40
Mint with box. Quite smooth for a plastic.

Spyy Solaris: $70
Mint with box. Blue with orange splash. Smooth. Photo coming.

No Jives
The set here all have some damage to them. Most are pretty minor (paint cracks, paint chip, etc.) but if you see one you like, just ask and I can give you a detailed description. If you’re looking to pick up a cool wood player, these would be great. Most of these I figure around $20 a piece.

Loaded YoYos Cigar Box Cases
I have a few custom made yoyo cases for sale. Each case is recycled from a used wooden cigar box. They are all different depending on brand and type of cigar. The cases are lined with felt at the bottom and feature custom cut foam padding for the yoyos. The foam insert is pressure fit into the case and can be removed if desired. I can also customize the foam inserts with different size, count and arrangement of the holes, just ask! Also if you’re interested in a different box, let me know. I have a ton of different boxes available.

You can knock $10 off the price if you pickup from me in San Jose, CA.

Six yoyo Lion case (six or three holes): $35

============ GONE ================
GONE “Night Convoy” GeneralYo Model 10: $240
I wasn’t going to sell this, but I put a deposit down on a new car so it’s time this went to a new owner. This is one of my proudest pieces and it’s executed on one of Ernie’s best yoyos ever. 100% mint, 100% glass smooth and 100% perfect. This can be the centerpiece of a General Yo collection.




SOLD Silver Skittles GeneralYo Torrent 2: $125
Perfectly smooth, ‘mint’, silver skittles Torrent 2. I put ‘mint’ in parenthesis because I noticed a few raw like marks under ano when shooting these photos with my macro lens.

SOLD Loaded CLYW Peak on Ebay

SOLD Loaded CLYW Puffin (Silver Skittles): $150
Newly anodized Puffin, fresh from sealing! This was originally a FG Puffin. Chemstripped and then gently polished to a smooth shine. It is in mint condition and comes with a flat bearing. The same extremely minor vibe that is present in all FG Puffins is still here, but it is only detectable by your fingernail. Comes with original box. Will throw in a bunch of cool CLYW stickers too. :slight_smile:

SOLD Loaded Fadesplash on Purple CLYW Gnarwhal: $120

SOLD Madhouse Epic: $75

SOLD Loaded Spyy Punchline Repeater: $70

SOLD Werrd Beef: $65

SOLD Spyy Pro: $70
Played, but mint with box.

SOLD RecRev No.9: $45
Mint with box, unplayed. Exceptionally smooth.

SOLD OneDrop Y-Factor, Cotton Candy Edition: $65
Mint with box. Awesome colorway.

SOLD Foxland Precision Thunder Wasp: $45
Single very light pinprick on rim, not photographable. Smooth. No box.

SOLD C3 Halo Blue: $45
Mint with box. Exceptionally smooth for a delrin.

SOLD Spyy Addiction: $75
Mint with box, unplayed. Exceptionally smooth.

SOLD Spyy Radian Gen 2: $65
Mint with box, unplayed.

SOLD 3yo3 Nickel AI5: $90

SOLD X3 Zeus: $90

GONE YoYoRecreation 44 Clash (Rare, beadblasted): Offer

SOLD Chico Five Alarm Bulldog: Offer

SOLD Werrd Rozzor 2: $55

SOLD YYF Skyline: $55

SOLD C3 Trident: $40

SOLD Foxland Precision Minotaur: $45

SOLD OneDrop Dietz: $60

SOLD YYF Avant Garde: $45

SOLD Spyy OG Addict: $35

SOLD Spin Dynamics Snowdrift Smooth Move: $65

SOLD OUT Two yoyo Lion case: $18

Sold out! Eight yoyo Lion case: $35

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Beautiful wood cases for sale. Showcase your yoyos in something worthy of displaying them. :wink:

Bump! One case sold, two more added.

Three cases sold! More available! Taking custom orders!

Nice Work Jason.

Once again you have demonstrated your talent & taste.
These are very classy looking boxes…


Thanks for the compliments. :slight_smile: These really do look wonderful and feedback has been great. I’m pretty much selling them at cost, but I don’t mind cuz they’re fun for me to make.

Three more sold this weekend, but I still have more available. Feel free to ask me to customize it for you if you like!

Just got mine today. Thanks Jason!

FG CLYW Puffins at less than Black Friday prices (after shipping)! And more cases available…

FG Puffins gone, thanks! Cases available.

Bump for Cherry Blossom Chief.

Cherry Blossom Chief sold.

Two yoyo cases sold out.

8 yoyo and 6 yoyo cases still available!

im interested in a loaded cigar box, you said you had different box also not listed, what are those boxes like?

Bump! 14 new yoyos added!

Bump! Good deals in here. :slight_smile:

Skittles Puffin added!

Loaded Gnarwhal, Rozzor 2, Zeus, Ai5 gone. Still tons of good stuff left!

Updates with No Jives!

Bump! Cut all the cigar boxes by $5. :slight_smile:

Bump! Model 10 auction ends tomorrow! New design cigar boxes coming soon.

Loaded General Yo Model 10 on ebay ending in 90 minutes!