Peaks from a while ago

I haven’t been around in a while because of life, but I wanted to show some old Peaks that might have gone missed for a while.

The white one is a Star Wars themed peak, that I believe was a Levi eBay peak. It has a slight vibration, but flawless paint.

The darker grey and orange was a limited anno run of 6 or 8 peaks that Chris sold from the CLYW site one year. Flawless condition

The lighter grey, orange, and white is a limited 1 of 2(little brother has the other one) that was sent to me as compensation for my earth swirl peak getting lost in the mail. If anyone knows the where about of those peaks, let me know. Very minor play wear for its age.


These new colors just dropped last week on YYE if you weren’t aware


Wow that Stormtrooper Peak needs to be in my home.


I picked up the Chris Rodrigues version of the Peak 2. I don’t buy much considering the rarity of how much I play, and always seem to go back to my custom colorway.

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The C-Rod Peak 2 is an awesome color way